Jill Rivoli with a horse nuzzling her face.

About Jill Rivoli

2007 - M.S. work in Conservation Social Sciences with an emphasis on Leadership and Experiential Education. University of Idaho.

2010 - Certified Equine Guided Education Facilitator.

2015 - Certified Equine Experiential Education Practitioner.

I worked for three years as the manager of Miraval Resort's Equine program and facilitated the "Equine Experience" to about 6,000 guests. Then started my own business called New Perspectives in the spring of 2010. Since then I have been contracting with specific resorts; as the Corporate Leadership Development Specialist and Director of Programming for the luxury Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel, CA and as the Equine Assisted Learning Specialist at Sunriver Resort, near Bend, OR.

My love of horses started virtually as soon as I was old enough to know what a horse was and was fortunate to have my first horse at 9 years old. I've spent a lifetime with horses; managing resort equestrian facilities, guest ranches, kids youth equine camps and have loved every second of it.

My philosophy is mindfulness and the goals of my programs are awareness, personal development, relationship skill development and overcoming fear.

I believe that we are not put on this earth to be alone and that connection with others is something of interest to all beings.

The best way to achieve connection, that I have found, is through awareness - awareness of our own feelings and needs, awareness of our affect on others, awareness of the needs of others, and awareness in the non-verbal communication that makes up the vast majority of our communication. Being mindful of these things will improve all of your relationships.

Jill Rivoli with her dog

Horses are master teachers of paying attention, living in the moment, and communicating without voice. These are all skills that humans benefit from honing.

Equine assisted learning has profoundly impacted the way that I live my life and I have helped thousands of others improve the quality of their relationships including; co-workers (team building), family, friendships, spouses, and often most importantly, their relationship with their self.

I have lived in California, Oregon, Hawaii, Montana, Arizona, Idaho and gravitate towards places of great beauty.

I am a lifelong student of human behavior and love sharing experiences with people (horses and dogs rate just as high in my book).