"Jill is truly gifted at the art of noticing the nuances of interactions, whether they be between horses, between people, or between horses and people. She is able to open dialogue exploring those nuances that is thought-provoking and, at the same time, both challenging and supportive, providing valuable fodder for personal revelation and growth. Jill's understanding of both horse and human behavior, her passion for connecting the two, and her talent for communication and coaching are inspirational"

 ~ Ashley

Seattle, WA

"You helped me tremendously just by a few simple comments and direct questions! Like I said, I'll never forget any of it or your insights!"

 ~ Judy

North Richland Hills, TX

"Jill's unique approach helped me learn to tackle each day with a better sense of direction and purpose."

 ~ Shelly

El Cerrito, CA

"My equine experience with Jill restored my confidence in communicating with humans and I began to incorporate this communication into my relationships so that they can continue to remain healthy. It also gave me the skills and desire to establish new relationships that will be healthy"

 ~ Erik

San Francisco, CA

"I had the great fortune to attend an Equine Guided Education session with Jill. I went into this with doubts and walked away with some life changing insight. Jill was focused and brutally honest but balanced this with helping me to feel loved and cared for through the session. She has a unique ability to help people enjoy an outdoor / equine experience in a safe environment while they explore very deep character traits. I look forward to working with Jill on future adventures."

 ~ Rosi

Silverton, OR

"Thank you for an amazing experience that had a profound effect on my life."

 ~ Maureen

Quebec, Canada

"I was in a fog. Somewhere along the path of my life, I lost my way to the person I wanted to be. I was stuck. Jill literally lifted the fog. She opened my eyes to the path that was right in front of me. She helped me regain my confidence. I am still on the journey to being the woman I want to be, and I feel that with Jill's help I have the tools to achieve my goals. I truly have a New Perspective!"

 ~ Kristin

Salem, OR

"Jill and her team of expert facilitators made a significant impact on the performance of Juniper's leadership team. We were able to use the equine perspective and the many metaphors and learnings to help us look at our collective performance and to create the necessary alignment to deliver on our strategic priorities moving forward. The exercises were rich and challenging, while the debriefs were targeted and wrapped around the context of our business. Jill and her team were amazing and it left a lasting impression upon our senior team. Gracias Jill!!!"

 ~ David

Fortune 500 Company, SF Bay Area

"Jill is an extremely intuitive individual. Gracious, kind, strong and firm, all as needed. This workshop and the Equine Guided Education is a wonderful program. Jill was right there with me AND for me. Some very painful moments were eased by her graciousness. She helped me uncover and realize that to get unstuck, I must continually move forward. Truly the choice is mine. However having acclimated to my "stuck" way of life, Jill urged me into an exploration of changing--- new/ different choices I might consider. Change and the unknown are uncomfortable; however, I know Jill guided me in ways I have never considered. And she was and is there right with me. She has an innate sense of intuition and is a truly delightful teacher."

 ~ Judy

San Jose, CA

"I had the unique opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Jill and her horse, Ladybug. It was absolutely magical being in the presence of this horse as I got to not only learn about the horse but also how we can communicate with horses non verbally as well as learn about myself and my individual leadership gifts. I would highly recommend the experience as a group adventure and learning how to work together or as a sole person seeking to learn more about themselves and their unique abilities. I was sincerely grateful for the time I spent with Ladybug and Jill."

 ~ Gina

Pleasanton, CA

"Enlightening, intriguing and rewarding are the words that come to mind after spending the morning with Jill Rivoli from New Perspectives. She created a safe and open environment that encouraged me to fully engage in a series of activities with the beautiful and kind Ladybug. They both challenged me to be present, mindful and willing to speaking freely and look inward without fear or judgment. I left Carmel Valley Ranch with increased self-awareness, greater confidence and a growing curiosity to explore the benefits of equine experiential education. Thank you Jill and Ladybug for an enriching experience from which I will continue to explore and grow!"

 ~ George

Union City, CA

"My Equine Experience was very transforming and eye-opening on several different levels. I feel it helped me to see patterns of how I approach relationships, whether it be personal, professional or brief encounters."

 ~ Barb

Silverton, OR

"I recently had one of the most amazing and eye opening experiences of my young 68 years. I attended one of Jill Rivoli's Equine Perspective classes at Carmel Valley Ranch. I have to admit I went with skepticism and I came away with a life changing honest look at my behaviors that affect other people. Jill is very intuitive and before I realized what was happening she had me seeing patterns of my behavior that I was totally not aware of; some of which, I might add, started as a young child of an alcoholic parent. It's an honest, emotional, life changing class and I would recommend it to anyone."

 ~ Laurie

Carmel Valley, CA

"I believe in this modality 100%! There have been few times in my life where I see my patterns so clearly...this is one of them. The horses reflect my behavior like big brown fuzzy mirrors ;-)"

 ~ Shannon

West Linn, OR